BodeXaLife Wellness Program

​​BodeXaLife RSHE Liquid

  • We recommend using CBD-rich BodeXaLife RSHE (Food Grade Real Scientific Hemp Extract) as your daily wellness and nutritional "Knock-out-Punch" to aggressively turbo-charge your body's receptors and energize your ecosystem! 
  • BodeXaLife RSHE is a highly concentrated and proprietary formula consisting of food grade hemp extract and hemp seed oil providing all of the known benefits associated with Canabinoids (CBD). 
  • BodeXaLife RSHE works well as a standalone regiment and/or in conjunction with other BodeXaLIfe products to help build your immune system, increase your energy level, and turbo-charge your body's ability to energize CBD truly is the wellness and nutritional Knock-Out Punch!  
  • ​Utilizing the nutritional power of CBD can be a significant factor with helping your body begin a positive and long-term transformation regarding your overall health and wellness. 

BodeXaLife HSO Capsules

  • Maintain your wellness nutritional journey by using our foundational product known as BodeXa HSO (Food Grade Hemp Seed Oil) capsules to further build and strengthen your immune system while significantly raising your energy level as part of maintaining your long term wellness and nutritional strategy;
  • BodeXa HSO capsules work well in conjunction with the BodeXa RSHE product to provide your body with all of the goodness associated with Hemp Seed Oil maintaining your body's ability to activate internal CBD receptors, continue the process of strengthening your immune system, increasing your energy level, and helping provide a continuous long-term nutritional and wellness solution; 
  • The BodeXa HSO product is naturally rich with Omega 3, 6, and 9 which are known to significantly promote and support cardiovascular health;
  • Other known benefits of CBD-Rich hemp food grade products are in the areas of stress relief (calming effect), hormones, arthritis and joint pain, weight loss, digestive health, hair, skin ,nails, etc;
  • We recommend taking 1-4 BodeXa HSO capsules daily as part of your overall nutritional program to help transform your body into a wellness machine. 

Everyone Needs BodeXa Products!

The BodeXa CBD-rich products are your ticket to turbocharging your overall wellness ecosystem. There are many previous testimonials and/or ongoing research that show through the use of CBD-rich products many people are claiming and/or experiencing many positive benefits. While we cannot make any specific claims and/or make promises that our products will solve any health issue, there are many known and/or documented benefits to using Hemp food grade products as part of a daily wellness and nutritional strategy. There are many positive testimonials as to the power of Hemp CBD how CBD products have enriched many lives and it is understood that everyone's experiences and/or results will vary based on a number of factors. Everyone's specific health characteristics are unique and many people do experience positive results by using these products as part of their overall wellness and nutrition strategy. Everyone's individual outcomes and/or experiences are unique everyone should conduct their own due diligence prior to utilizing these types of products to ensure that they are suitable for your specific needs. Please take the time to browse through our site to gain an understanding of CBD, HSO, and RSHE and how BodeXaLife products can potentially enrich your life through CBD wellness nutrition. 

We are confident in the ability of our products to enrich the lives of our customers as part of a routine nutritional and wellness program that is accompanied with proper diet and exercise. The BodeXaLife product line provides unique access to the world of CBD-Rich nutritional and wellness capabilities that is affordable and always available. We believe in our products and strive to provide our customers with the highest levels of quality and customer service.  


While our nutritional products have not been tested, approved or endorsed by the FDA and we cannot make specific claims that our products will absolutely heal you of any disease, ailment or problem, there are many previous and ongoing studies that show huge benefits when utilizing CBD-Rich products as part of a routine nutritional or wellness strategy that is accompanied with a wellness program that includes a daily routine of proper diet, nutrition, and exercise. While we believe in our products we cannot make any claim that our products will eliminate, heal and/or change any pre-existing and/or future health condition for anyone. As with any nutritional or wellness program we always recommend that you consult with your physician prior to using any of our products.


BodeXa products are based solely upon food grade hemp products that are legal in all fifty (50) states, contain less than .03% THC, and are non-hallucinogenic. 

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​​BodeXa Products are energized with cannabinoids (CBD) and powered by Food Grade Hemp Seed Oil (HSO) & Real Scientific Hemp Extract (RSHE) providing the highest levels of wellness nutrition at an affordable price!

Research has shown that CBD-Rich Hemp Products taken as part of a routine wellness nutritional program can potentially impact your overall health and wellness EcoSystem!


Level-3 RSHE Turbo Liquid!

150Mg of Hemp Extract for that CBD knockout Punch!